Personal footwear shopping services

Do find yourself frustrated when shopping for shoes?

Do you have issues with certain brands and their consistency or standards?

Are you interested in learning the basics to make more educated purchases?

Are you looking for a specific type of style that you can't seem to find?

If you answered, yes, to any of the above or have similar lingering questions, you may benefit from a personal footwear shopping experience. This is an opportunity to discover the footwear industry beyond the product and can be very beneficial for your feet in the future.

On a shopping excursion, we will work out an itinerary that best suits your needs. You will be given professional opinions, advice and suggestions that will make purchases easier. You will gain knowledge that will guide future shopping experiences. 


Initial evaluation by phone: $15

Personal shopping service: $25/hour

Services are based in NY, please inquire about other locations



For more information or to set up an evaluation: