SaraSoles...the premier

Ok my first blog...yeahhhh!!!

I love shoes! I have wanted to be a footwear designer since I was 13 and I used to sit in my room, on my bed and draw all sorts of imaginative and crazy styles. I loved sitting somewhere and looking at my surroundings and thinking of inspiration for a shoe. I would get very excited at an idea and draw it immediately on any paper scrap I could find. By 18, I was the kid looking for internships instead of hanging with friends on a Saturday night...I always had this picture in my mind that I needed to look ahead to the future. The idea of being a footwear designer was really a dream and seemed like a fantasy job to me when I first had my sights set on that being my career. I always thought about the path, how would I get there? It wasn't like most careers where you go to school and get a job and live happily ever after. At that time there weren't any footwear design majors in college that is for sure. But nonetheless, being extremely driven had its rewards and I have truly enjoyed carving out my path into this industry. I love being a footwear designer!

Now, here is where the problem or should I say solution, started. I have always been athletic and have danced well beyond 25 hours a week in my recent past. I am from the beautiful southern California area and have luxuriated in a car toting me around town...that is until I moved to the big apple! I believe that this is where my issues originated, when I changed my transportation mode to walking. I started to realize that I didn't have a single pair of shoes to wear for a basic New York day. I developed plantar fasciitis in my first year of moving...and was stopped dead in my tracks.

For anyone who has experienced this horrific injury it can be quite painful and frustrating. I was a fixture at the physical therapy office for over a year, especially being cursed with this injury in both feet, double trouble. I will spare you the details but I literally could NOT walk for at least an entire season. 

Let's go ahead a fast forward a bit and let me digress...I believe plantar fasciitis is primarily caused by ill fitting footwear and the fact that as humans we were meant to walk on softer ground not concrete. Footwear today is a far cry from the days of Salvatore Ferragamo's hand made shoes and after reading his autobiography from his shoemaking days in the early 1900s I am saddened to say that our issues today are much worse. How is it possible that we have gone backwards with the technology we have today and just how far we have come in so many areas...footwear, I must confess is at it's worst in the millennium. 

There are many factors involved but the trifecta is based on this: supply and demand, capitalism and ignorance. With all of these working together we know have the current footwear market which is over saturated, the consumer is not the focus and the population at large is unaware.

From my journey within the last two years I have completely changed my view of the industry and my focus on footwear. I believe that consumers should be educated on footwear injury prevention, have an understanding of valuable footwear and the focus of footwear should be brought back to the main source, the consumer. I have started this blog in order to share my knowledge and help others with issues. I will also be pursuing a footwear brand, Sara Rose Collection, that will have the consumer as the end goal! This is set to launch in 2015...more details to follow